“Mark and I share many family memories but we also share the gift of being able to tap into the energy of both the living and the dead because it genetically runs in our family. Mark is a compassionate, light hearted, talented intuitive whom I’m proud to call my cousin and endorse as a trustworthy resource for insight in to a better life for those looking for a new path. I’ve watched Mark’s abilities intensify over the years while he toured with me and interacted with the people most in need of guidance. Mark’s positive outlook on life coupled with his desire to help others can only serve to make the world a softer place.”

– Allison DuBois
Inspiration for the hit TV show MEDIUM and New York Times Best-Selling Author


“Last year I had the pleasure of meeting Mark at on of Allison Dubois’ Gallery Readings here in Madison, Wisconsin. Having known Allison for four years, including doing a ghost investigation with her in Tombstone, Arizona, I was excited to meet the gifted cousin she had spoken so highly of. Carrying on the family tradition, with love and compassion, Mark uses his intuitive gifts to help you open up to your true potential. ”

– Tamara Springer Gleason Psychic Medium /C.Ht.


“I have known Mark for almost 14 years and he has always been the go-to guy if you need a good laugh and to not take life so seriously. Now as someone who has experienced his intuitive coaching, Mark has opened my eyes to the fact that I can reconnect with my loved ones who have passed on. He has an amazing gift and the insights he shares clearly come from a place far beyond us. His work has brought clarity and peace to my life and I highly recommend his coaching services to anyone wanting to heal from a loss of life. ”

– Mina Grace, Holistic Life Coach


“Mark was awesome! I can breathe now, he has an amazing ability, he’s very intuitive and I felt so relaxed and comfortable with him. He’s very down to earth and I felt as if I was speaking with a friend.
No wonder he comes so highly recommended. I would definitely recommend Mark to anyone who is in need ”

– Sandra Zeichick


“Mark, I loved the reading you gave me yesterday! I went over the notes with my husband Steve and daughter Shara yesterday and they loved it too and definitely thought you got Stevie. I had no doubt. Wanted to tell you that your numbers were even more right on than we thought. Stevie not only died on 1-9, but she was 19 years old. I read Shara the portion of your reading where you said 21 was a pivotal number for her and she said YES, she and Stevie really wanted to be 21+ year old adults together. It didn’t mean that much to me but it was really an important milestone for Shara. You are a talented psychic and I really appreciate the reading and the visit with the group and everything!
I will be in touch again. Hope all is well with you.
Thanks again for all.
Wishing you the best.”

-Melissa Seligman