Mark on Ricki Lake

Mark and Allison on the Ricki Lake Show in January of 2013

I am Mark Hernandez, Allison DuBois’ (Inspiration for the hit TV show MEDIUM and New York Times Best-Selling Author) cousin and former Business Manager of three years. It was an amazing experience working for her. I will cherish every moment and could never thank her enough for the opportunity to change my life’s direction for the better. She saw a gift in me that I didn’t know I had. More importantly she helped me to develop the ability to feel and understand energy, sense the other side and believe in life after death.

On top of this, I traveled to wonderful places where I met and worked with some of the most beautiful people. Above all I was fortunate to learn from the best, Allison DuBois. I remember the day Allison told me “You don’t believe in what I do, and it’s ok”. I remember trying to dismiss it, but she looked at me with her twisted smile like she didn’t believe me and she knew something I didn’t.

Then, I’ll never forget the seminar in Phoenix, Arizona on August 8th, 2008. After her opening comments Allison would always explain the difference between a life reading and mediumship. However, this time after saying that she said, “abilities run in families, and Mark is my cousin and is very intuitive, so if he is drawn to you he will hand you the microphone.” My heart dropped and I looked at her, thinking “what in the heck did you just say? At every subsequent event she made the same announcement.

After every event, she taught me about reading energy. My abilities and senses were elevated to new heights, and my purpose became about helping people. I came to understand that God wanted it to develop on His time, and that I was merely an instrument in the process.

Mark Allison Joe

Although Mediums work hard to help you with life’s challenges, we also like to have fun, enjoy life and be a free spirit.

Approximately a week after returning from the events, I would start the process of scheduling readings for Allison by calling the signup list from previous seminars. While booking the readings, I would get to know many clients personally and discuss their loss.

Since working with Allison, I have been involved in a couple of more traditional employment opportunities, but nothing can compare to the feeling of connecting with energy and helping people like I did during those seminars. I dismissed my feelings and senses, but my life did not improve. I realized that my life got worse because I was not using the new gift God had given me. It has become clear to me that I cannot truly be happy until I share my spiritual gifts with humanity. As a believer in spirituality, I know there are no such things as coincidences and that everything happens for a reason.

It is my goal to help people join the living again, raise awareness of life after death and feel complete.