MarkMediumistic Life Coaching is the ability of a Medium to use their heightened intuitive senses to connect with the other side (your lost loved ones) to address specific personal events in one’s life. It examines what is happening in your life right now, discovering what your obstacles or challenges might be and shifting the course of action by using energy and thoughts. This can put you on a path of moving forward to make your life worth living and to help you feel purpose again.

Being a Medium, I will teach you how to open your heart in a new way. Some of us are thinkers using our head and some of us are emotional, leading with our heart to make decisions. These choices range from profound to trivial and each one has an effect that makes our lives more or less fulfilling and balanced.

This process helps you learn how to tap into your own gifts because we ALL have them. With proper guidance, everyone can make choices for a well balanced and rewarding life by connecting with our lost loved ones.

Below is a story I wrote for Allison DuBois’ fourth book, “Talk to Me”. I am very grateful to Allison for allowing me to include my story. I wanted to share it with you because it explains why I believe our loved ones never leave us and how we can continue to share our lives with them.

“San Antonio”

Book: Talk to MeIt was February and this was the month that Allison’s Family Connection Tour was not only taking us to Texas but to San Antonio, the city my father was raised in.

My dad’s name is Juan Antonio Hernandez, he was born in San Luiso Potosi, Mexico, but later grew up in San Antonio. He passed away at the age of 69 from Alzheimer’s on April 4, 2009. He was known to his friends and family as Anthony, Johnny or Juan, he answered to them all. My father loved music, dancing and dressing nice. I remember him talking about singing in the church choir when he was an alter boy as well as going to all the Sock Hops as a teenager and as he would put it “dance the night away.” To this day I can visualize his shoes lined up in his closet, glowing in a dark closet because of their shine. I can picture his shirts neatly pressed and his suits all lined up in order by color. Needless to say if there was soulful music and dancing my dad was always dressed to perfection.

One of my father’s favorite artists is Neil Diamond. I can remember many mornings as a young boy waking up on Saturday and Sunday mornings to Mariachi or Neil Diamond music. My Dad so loved Neil Diamond that he took me to four of his concerts during my youth. His favorite song was “Sweet Caroline,” and he’s the reason I’m a huge fan of Diamond’s music.

As we were driving from Austin to San Antonio, I couldn’t help but remember the time when my Dad showed me the photographs of a visit we had made when I was a toddler so I felt that this was truly my first trip since I don’t remember being a toddler. San Antonio was the third and final city on our February tour and after a week in Texas, I was really excited and so looking forward to communication from my dad. I didn’t know exactly what sign he would send me, but I did know he would make himself present on the visit.

Obviously I felt very connected to the city because of its special meaning to me. I found myself being so drawn to the River Walk and even though I had my back to it, I was constantly being turned around and felt fixated on the view. It got to a point where I could tell Allison was getting frustrated with me because she didn’t have my full undivided attention, which happens from time to time when cousins work and travel together on the road. Lol. Allison asked for the bill and in my head I said “thank God,” because by now it was even starting to bother me that I could not stop gazing outside at the patio that the River Walk ran underneath.

We both went upstairs excited that we were getting ready for our last event. As usual, the event went well, and Allison and I headed to the hotel bar to decompress. Our decompression sessions usually consist of a few cocktails and Allison and I discussing the readings. We do this because it is very common for Allison and I to get sick if we don’t release the energy from the event through conversation.

After our discussion, Allison stepped outside on the patio and later returned with a big grin on her face that I’ve never seen before. She wanted me to join her outside because there was a group of men playing and singing music on the same patio that I had been drawn to earlier. As I walked out on to the patio I had a feeling that something magical was about to happen. I saw the musicians they were Hispanic, dressed in tuxedos and enjoying life as they sang and swayed from side to side beneath the moon. After the first song ended the gentleman in the group with the guitar asked me what song I’d like to hear and I told him “Sweet Caroline,” not knowing if he could play the song or not. These guys weren’t musicians the hotel hired they were businessmen that brought their instruments with them because it’s there hobby so I wasn’t sure what to expect. The guitarist began playing and all I could say was, “thank you Dad.”

I wanted to say thank you to my dad because even though he had sent me signs since his passing for the first time, I really knew that I was truly communicating with him and that he was listening to every request I had. I thanked him for being a great father, for molding me into the person that I am today, for still being with me, guiding and helping me to raise my two boys as he raised me.

The next morning I left San Antonio feeling like I had the first vacation with my Dad in his new life. I will never forget the trip and I have been playing Neil Diamond music for my boys since and guess what their favorite song is?… ***